A Quick Comparison of Premiums

Burial life insurance
Here is a quick comparison of premiums between term life and guaranteed permanent life insurance products. To create these quotes, carefully selected, highly competitive carriers are used. This table below is able to offer some clarity on what to expect from various guaranteed life plans.  I offered these options to a real client of mine. See the rounded premiums below.

A quick comparison of life insurance rates

As a rule, always keep the affordability in mind before taking a life insurance policy.

When you see an ad on TV promising hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of life insurance for a ridiculously low price, you need to keep in mind that they are only throwing a bone at you to call them. These ads only promote a 10-year term plan for those in perfect health (super preferred risk class). Obviously, the low premium quoted makes it look like a breeze to buy life insurance. There a lot of good life insurance advisers out there to serve your best interest. It is important to talk to them in detail before taking a life policy.

A bulk of our business is over the phone and on the internet (email etc.) By now, we almost mastered the art and skill of serving our clients in multiple states. It is always easy to serve more effectively those who help us help them; don’t mind spending a few minutes talking over the phone. However, if you are certain that you only need a term life insurance plan, InsureInMinutes.com is specifically designed to serve someone like you.


  • Premiums always remain level during the duration of a term in term life plan.
  • Universal life and whole life plans are usually custom-designed to suit your need and affordability.
  • All quotes are subject to underwriting, age and state availability.
  • Always ask for optional riders that may enhance the value of your life insurance policy.


In this brave new world, if you love somebody who depends on you financially, you shouldn’t be walking around without a life insurance policy.