Burial Life Insurance

burial life insurance

Burial Life insurance is a whole life insurance policy that usually is offered between the ages of 50 to 80. The policy can often range between $5,000 to $25,000. The higher amounts are also available to those who qualify. There are, generally speaking, two kinds of burial insurance plans in the market:

  1. Immediate coverage burial insurance plans
    There is no waiting period. As soon the insurance company approves you and you pay your first premium, your coverage becomes active.
  2. Graded coverage plans
    Graded burial life plans usually delay activating the policy for a period of two years. If you happen to die during that time, the insurance carrier returns the premiums you paid with interest to the beneficiary. But if you live beyond the first two years, your policy becomes fully active. The maximum coverage available in these plans is $25,000.

Dedicated Burial Insurance Carriers

We have insurance carriers focused mainly on burial life insurance kind of coverage to serve your needs. All plans are whole life plans with cash values and will cover you until the end of life.
Guaranteed Issue Burial Insurance Plans or Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Plans are also available to those who do not qualify due to a severe health condition. These burial insurance policies come with:

  1. guarantee coverage (you cannot be declined)
  2. the premium once approved will not increase during the life of the policy
  3. the face amount and death benefit will remain level
  4. the policy cannot be canceled unless you decide to do so by calling or stopping premiums
  5. since these are whole life policies, there is going to be cash accumulation over time

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