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Excellent dental insurance and vision insurance plans from carriers like, Nationwide, Ameritas, Delta, VSP and many more. Compare up to three plans at a time. Select your plan and apply online in minutes. If you are looking for a group coverage, please give us a call at 1.866.526.7264. Our group dental insurance also covers Missing Tooth Clause (see FAQ). No waiting period for those who already have a dental insurance for over a year. All plans comes with a large network of nationwide dentists and optometrists.

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Choose your plan and apply in minutes.

  • Preventive care
  • Basic services
  • Major services
  • PPO and Discount plans available
  • No age restrictions
  • Small group dental and vision insurance (call 1.866.526.7264)
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  • It helps with dental costs.
  • You pay a monthly fee (premium).
  • Check-ups, cleanings, and fillings.
  • Root canals, crowns, and more.
  • Some plans cover braces or dentures.
  • PPO: Choose any dentist, save with in-network.
  • HMO: Pick a dentist from a list.
  • Dental Discount Plans: Get discounts at specific dentists.
  • If a tooth was missing before, wait for coverage.
  • Prevents last-minute sign-ups for expensive treatments.
  • PPO: Choose any dentist, save with in-network.
  • HMO: Pick a dentist from a list.

No, dental insurance is typically separate from regular health insurance. While some health plans may offer limited dental coverage, comprehensive dental insurance is a separate policy.

  • Dental insurance mostly covers necessary work.
  • Cosmetic treatments like whitening or veneers often are not covered.

Review the plan’s benefits and coverage details, or contact the insurance provider directly. They can provide information about which treatments are covered, any waiting periods, and the extent of coverage.

The entire exercise takes place over the phone and the insurance company’s secure portal. The approval of your application can, therefore, take from a few minutes to a couple of days.

  • The most insurance pays in a year.
  • You pay more if costs go beyond this.
  • Yes, there are dental insurance plans specifically designed for senior citizens.
  • These plans often focus on preventive care and coverage for common dental issues that seniors may face.
  • Dental insurance plans may cover pre-existing conditions, but there might be limitations or waiting periods.
  • Research different plans.
  • Compare coverage and costs.
  • Ask questions to understand fully.