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If any source gives you a list of the 'best' burial insurance companies, that source either doesn't know what it's talking about, has personal interest in selling you those companies, or worst of all, has been paid to lie to you.

Best Burial Insurance for Seniors in 2023

There are around one hundred life insurance companies with dedicated burial insurance plans. When you go online and search for the best burial insurance companies for seniors, all you get is a bunch of websites offering you their favorites.

It is easy to believe what you see online at a ‘credible’ website. The generic use of the word ‘best’ for the companies they offer is just misleading. The right word to use is ‘suitable’.  What is the best for one may not work for another.

Which is the best burial insurance company?

  • the one that has been in business for a while;
  • has the right kind of plan for you and,
  • you happen to qualify for that plan at an affordable rate. 

There usually is an underwriting guideline that disqualifies you with one company, but qualifies with you another.

For example, if someone is 5′ 11″ tall and 380 lbs., the fact is that most companies will either deny coverage or offer a graded/modified burial policy. There are a very small number of companies that don’t underwrite based on height and weight chart. The only option left in this case is to go to one of those companies for burial insurance and see if it qualifies you.

Now, is it going to be affordable?

That’s up to you. Affordability is relative. The premium of a life insurance policy, including burial insurance is based on age, health and lifestyle. How much coverage you are looking for also matters.

Matching you with the a company that offers you the best burial insurance option at a price you can afford is what an insurance agent supposed to do.
Many a times, I have talked to people who are set on getting a certain about of coverage but can’t afford that. Sometimes they give up in frustration, and keep going without a financial protection for the the loved ones who might have to beg, borrow or, steal to give them a decent burial in the end.

I am taking insulin for diabetes. But otherwise, I am in perfect health.

It is interesting how many times I have heard a statement like that. I am always smiling when I hear that over the phone. The fact is, forget about diabetes, heart attack, cancer or stroke, if you just have high blood pressure, you are not well.

So which insurance company will be the best fit for you?

The other factors that play a role in that decision are:

  • the method of premium payment, and
  • the total amount of coverage you want.

Not every insurance company will accept a credit card, debit card, or a Direct Express card. But everyone accepts a checking or savings account. So, in this case, the most suitable and best burial insurance company is the one that takes your premium using the payment method that best suits you.

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